March On

March Gallagher will be the Democratic candidate for county comptroller, after defeating Lisa Cutten by almost 2-1 at Thursday night’s special convention at sweltering City Hall.

In round figures, Gallagher tallied 14,000 (weighted) votes to Cutten’s 8,000, 63-37 percent. Cutten has said she would not accept the Republican nomination if offered. Republicans have yet to announce a candidate to fill the last two years of former comptroller Elliott Auerbach’s term.

Democrats turned out in large numbers on a warm June evening where temperatures had reached 90 degrees during the day. At least 250 were in attendance; the full committee compromises 318 members. The city hall air-conditioning system is on a clock which apparently automatically shuts off at 6 p.m. on weekdays after working hours.

Both candidates addressed the convention – there were no other nominees –and received almost equal applause from the standing-room-only crowd. Neither criticized the other.

Adele Reiter, a former chief of staff the county executive and acting county executive between February and June, will serve out the year. Gallagher will run for a full four-year term.

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