Dynasty Down

The once powerful Parete family took a beating in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Patriarch John Parete, attempting a comeback, was again trounced by Kathy Nolan for the legislature in Olive-Shandaken Dist. 22.  Rich Parete, who left the legislature where he once served with his father and brother Robert, lost his party’s nomination for reelection as Marbletown supervisor to former councilman Doug Adams.

Both retain Republican lines, there’s a pulse there, but November prospects are grim in solidly Democratic bailiwicks.

As noted, at one point, only a few years ago, there were three Parete’s in the legislature. Poppa John had the most distinguished record as a former county chairman, elections commissioner, all for naught.

Elsewhere, Chris Allen’s quest to return to the legislature from Saugerties was foiled by town councilman John Schoonmaker. Allen, a two-termer, prevailed at the Democratic convention, but Schoonmaker turned it around on Tuesday. If elected in November Schoonmaker will be the legislature’s youngest member at 27.

In other Saugerties news, first-term supervisor Fred Costello prevailed over challenger Paul Andreassen in an Independence Party primary, 88-57. It would appear Indies are active in the county’s largest town which may be a factor in other races this fall.

In Woodstock, Laura Ricci retained her seat on the town board with 323. Newcomer Reginald Earls led the ticket with 368. Conor Wenk, son of the late councilman Jay Wenk, trailed with 286. Top two were elected.

Woodstock is pretty much a one-horse town these days, a political reality Woodstock Times editor Brian Hollander lamented last week. But Democrats of all stripes do turn out for the election, put up a variety of credible candidates, so really, who needs Republicans, last seen caucusing in a ’68 Volkswagen on Tinker Street.

Trivia question: what do Hollander, Nicole Kidman and I have in common? We have the same birthday. Brian and I exchange greetings on June 20 but we’ve never heard from Nicole, currently filming an HBO movie hereabouts.


3 thoughts on “Dynasty Down

  1. Kathy Nolan does not live in the district. She can not be the representative for District 22. Why doesn’t the BOE demand to see an electric bill or lease?


    1. To be clear… this is the second time she has lied about where she lives this year. She should have been barred at the primary and be expelled from the legislature for lying.


  2. To be clear…this is the second time she has lied about her resident this year. She should have been barred from the primary for lying again and expelled from the legislature.


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