Christmas list

Christmas list

T’was the night before Christmas, or thereabouts. Presenting our annual Christmas list. And we know who’s been bad or good. Enjoy.

For Kevin O’Connor: Alms for the poor.

For Dan Torres: Hector’s unlisted phone number.

For Pat and Rebecca Ryan: Discount diapers.

For Paul Bond: A gift certificate from Always Moving.

For Don Ryan: Restorative Justice.

For Bran Hollander: Something profound.

For Marilyn and Chet Krom: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

For John Dittus: MacArthur’s farewell address…old councilmen… just… fade… away.

From IBM bowler Deak Wilson: Boxcar numbers. (In memory of Ed Paladino).

For John Milgrim: Writer’s cramp.

For Lisa Cutten: Bob Cratchet’s old desk.

For Vince Rua: Joe DiFalco’s game plan.

For Hector Rodriguez: Clarity.

For Gerry Keller: Corvette summers.

For Rhoda Lohr: Lookin’ good, baby. Happy birthday.

For Pat Finch: Honey buns from Deising’s.

For Judith Hansen: Beavers.

For RUPCO: A few more vacant lots.

For Richard Heppner: Attics full of Woodstock’s hidden past. 

For Jim Hanstein: A guest shot on The FBI Story.

For Vicky Gilligan St. John: Sister Ellen’s latest address.

For Kevin Bryant: Nothing says something like ermine.

For Matt Gillis: Vintage Jeeps.

For Lou Klein: Dog day afternoons.

For Melvin Seltzer: With us for the holidays.

For Bernie Gray: Where there’s a Will, there’s away.

For Marc Luksberg: A 30,000 Dow.

For Jack Hayes: A gig on Designated Survivor.

For Pete Rua: Doing what he does best!

For Joel Brink: Steak dinner at The Chateau, on Fred Wadnola.

For Ashley Dittus: Love notes from Roger Rascoe.

For Billy Kemble: Charm school.

For Tom Turco: Tennis, anyone?

For Cynthia Werthamer: Productive pooches.

For Steve Noble: Broadway lights.

For March Gallagher: Adele’s shredder.

For Andrea (you make me wanna) Shaut: Jimmy Noble’s guide to herding cats.

For DPW’s Ed Norman: 2019’s paving budget.

For Bill Carey: Alderman of the year. 

For Bill Berardi: The mayor’s ear.

For ace mechanic Bob Corrigan: Wrenching revelations. 

For Annie Catalano: A subscription to the New York Post.

For Delaware’s Dana Scudari-Hunter and Amy Merklen: Catnip.

For Barbara Myers: A parking garage.

For Helen Loizou: A suite at the new Kingstonian.

For Michelle Hinchey: Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

For Joe Tantillo: An exceedingly Ultragraphic year.

For Karen Adin: Twisted knickers.

For Phyllis McCabe: Christmas Eve with Simon and Schuster.

For Ryan Reynolds: GPA’s sweet jumpshot. Katie, too.

For Evan Gallo: A guest shot on “Survivor.”

For Dan Barton: 20-page papers.

For Tobi and Larry Watson: Dinner at the old Red Brick Tavern (lately painted a boring white).

For San Jose’s Church in Kingston: Marty Robbins’ Rosa’s Cantina.

For Kevin Cahill: Visits to Richie’s Garage.

For Sophia Reuner: Lunch at Foster’s Coach House with the girls.

For Sean and Karen Hansen: Family reunions. 

For Bill Reynolds (no relation): Common Council inside scoop.

For Gloria (in excelsis deo) Waslyn:  Another peace parrot. 

For Aimee Murphy: A cuddly pooch.

For Donna Keefe: Bears on the veranda.

For Elizabeth Jackson: Full page ads in color.

For Bud Walker and Ralph Longendyke:  Hormel for the holidays.

For Tony Adamis: Brilliant memoirs.

For Bob Young: Charles Barkley’s swing. 

For Ed Burke: Pithy sermons.

For Antonio (ne: “Anthonio”) Delgado: His named spelled right in next year’s county directory.

For Joe Maloney: His own TV show.

For Matt Hansen: Straight A’s.

For St. Joseph’s uptown: Longer arms for ushers Tom Petro and Al Alberts. 

For Hal Sampson: Back to the taps at Rosendale Legion Post.

For Ken Ronk: Deepsea sneakers.

For Heidi Haynes: Nice references from Lonesome George.

For John Quigley: A corner office.

For Rich Parete: Christmas dinner with the Adams family. (Snap. Snap.)

For Barbara Rimai: A guest shot on Fixer Upper.

For David Reynolds: Stock in

For Kathy Nolan: A lifetime subscription to Catskill Mountain News.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: Ghost writers in the sky.

 For Ernie Hunt: Clear tracks all the way to the Ashokan. 

For Sue Hobbs: A brand new Lexus.

For Stephen Blauweiss: A bench at Postal Park.

For Lynn Woods: Short stories.

For John Parete: Bottoms up.

For Lynn Archer: Gerentine’s abacus.

For Chris White: Rail trails to the horizon. 

For Julius Collins: All-star graduation rates.

For Jim Quigley: Ginsberg’s unlisted phone number.

For John Guerin: Another shot at state senate.

For George Amedore: A statue at the Thruway exchange.

For George Hucker: A flock of birdies.

For Jen Metzger: Life in the center lane.

For Jim Seward: A clean bill of health.

For Rick Remsnyder: Weekends at The Emerson.

For Dennis Doyle: Lunch with mom.

For Mario Catalano: Mornings at the mall.

For Kathy Aron: Long distance hugs from the heart.

For Juan Figueroa: Semper Fi.

For Mary Wawro: Lamb chops.

For Kristy Bishop: Eager artists.

For Tim Rose: About 300 isolated acres.

For Dave Clegg: Dinner with George Soros.

For Lisa Berger: Amazon-North.

For Jim and Bob Carey: A pit full of miracles.

For Judge Mike Kavanagh: A snazzy ’07 Solara Sport convertible.

For Holley Carnright: A friendly Saugerties homecoming.

For Len Bernardo: Immersion in Sullivan County politics.

For Fawn Tantillo:  A giant stopwatch, bells, whistles and a net.

For Brian Rounds: Don Williams’ commitment to victims’ rights.

For Paul O’Neil: Cross country trips with heiress O’Neil.

For Ed Ford: 102.

For Glenn Fitzgerald: Discount Kodak film.

For Jeremy Schiffres: A beat of his own.

For Pat Doxsey: Flies on walls.

For Eddie Donoghue: Ditto.  

For Greene County: Some really good defense lawyers.

For Ralph Caterino: Cahill’s private number.

For Andi Turco Levin: The ultimate collectible.

For Brian Cahill: A seat in the front row. Maybe more?

And to all, a good night.

Next: Hindsight and crystal balls.

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