SNEAK PEEK: Hugh Reynolds Christmas List!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! – Hugh Reynolds

To view the full version of Hugh’s Christmas list stay tuned for our online release Wednesday December 19th. Hard Copies of the Catskill Mountain News will be available at Dietz Diner (Washington Ave, Kingston), CVS (Washington Ave, Kingston), or Stewarts (Broadway, Kingston).

For Adele Reiter: A guest shot on Caddy Shack-II..

For Joe Forte: A stiff upper lip.

For Tony Marmo: A battalion of Italian Society recruits. 

For Jim Quigley: A pathway to the environmental movement.

For Barbara Cohen: A loaf of bread, a glass of wine at the Rehr Center.

For Scott Dutton: A few more historic re-dos.

For Laura Chasin: A view of the bridge.

For Steve Noble: Bike paths on Broadway.

For Nina Postupack: The long-lost Peter Stuyvesant wampum tapes.

For Ashley Dittus and Tom Turco: Turbo elections.

For Jen Metzger: An office with a view.

For Joe O’Connor: A new Maserati.

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Which present was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!