(12/18) Catskill Mountain News: 2018 Christmas List

– Santa Hugh

With apologies to Maria Carey, I don’t want alot for Christmas. I won’t even ask for snow. I’d just like a Christmas List for all the folks I know.
This being my third newspaper (and now my very own blog) to publish the holiday Christmas List, some history is in order. It started with the DailyFreeman some 30 years ago as a way to recognize some of the regular people in my life, family, friends, tradespeople, barber, dentist, doctor, etc. and maybe to save some money on cards and postage.

Mostly tongue-in-check, greetings are offered in the spirit of the season with just a smattering of coal in stockings of public officials. I mean, how can I rap my barber; I’d come out looking like Steve Harvey. One memorable misstep comes to mind. I once referred in jest to a certain pubic official’s “weakness for blondes.” His wife was a brunette. Not pretty.

Last September,  after a decade with Kingston-based Ulster Publishing, I was happy to join Catskill Mountain News out of Arkville, Delaware County. Didn’t know Noah landed in Arkville? Check out the Bible.

As I’ve explained in almost every edition, most of these one-liners are inside jokes, aimed at the subjects. As they say if you have to explain it, it ain’t funny and it takes up a lot of space. Take today’s lead: For Joan Lawrence Bauer: a coupon from her favorite Saab mechanic in Lake Katrine.

Born and raised in Margaretteville, after living in Big Indian for years, the former Joan Lawrence needs no introduction in Ulster County. An early recipient of SUNY-New Paltz’s prestigious businessperson of the year award, Joan was a chair of the Ulster Chamber of Commerce, marketing manager for RUPCO and an independent business consultant before buying the News two years ago where she had authored a weekly column.

She retains close ties in Ulster, despite concentrating on her newspaper business in Delaware. One of those ties is her mechanic who keeps her ’02 Saab humming. “Why do you drive all the way to Lake Katrine to fix your car?” I asked her. “Because he’s the best mechanic I’ve ever known and he’s honest,” she said.

To the list:

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: a coupon from her favorite Saab mechanic in Lake Katrine.

For Adele Reiter: A guest shot on Caddy Shack-II..

For Joe Forte: A stiff upper lip.

For Tony Marmo: A battalion of Italian Society recruits. 

For Jim Quigley: A path way to the environmental movement.

For Barbara Cohen: A loaf of bread, a glass of wine at the Rehr Center.

For Scott Dutton: A few more historic re-dos.

For Laura Chasin: A view of the bridge.

For Steve Noble: Bike paths on Broadway.

For Nina Postupack: The long-lost Peter Stuyvesant wampum tapes.

For Ashley Dittus and Tom Turco: Turbo elections.

For Jen Metzger: An office with a view.

For Joe O’Connor: A new Maserati.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: A change of initials: LBJ gets a better response.

For Hector Rodriguez: A terrier pup named Hector.

For Ken Ronk: A nice set of Christmas balls.

For Kevin Cahill: A penthouse suite at the new six-story Benedictine Towers.

For Larry and Tobie Watson: Summer time visits from Winnie the Pooh.

For Bob Mitchell: A large red kettle and bell.

For Bob Carey: A right-sized Irish Cultural Center.

For Paul Van Blarcum: Public recognition for public service well done.

For Don Williams: A monster fund-raiser in March

For Bryan Rounds; Ditto.

For Jay Mahler: The cover of Vogue.

For Delaware-Ulster Railroad ramrod Wes Coates: Some of those thousands of ties Ulster ripped up to make way for the Shokan rail trail.

For Jim and Joan Quigley: A ride in favorite son John’s new Tesla.

For Mike Hein: A trip on the CMRR Polar Express, on the cattle catcher.

For Pat O’Reilly: A rare primo Toyota Solara convertible.

For David Reynolds: Landoffice business.

For Mike Compaign: Seventy miles a gallon in his new Prius.

For Elizabeth Jackson: Taxbreaks.

For The Hormels (Ralph Longendyke and Bud Walker): Glory days. (I played softball with these folically-challenged guys back in the last century. Shoeless Joe was our centerfielder.)

For Ralph Caterino: One more 8-pointer.

For Aerdale breeder Cynthia Werthamer: A blue ribbon at Westminster. 

To Senators Bill Larkin and John Bonacic: Happy trails and thanks for the memories.

To Senator-elect Jen Metzger: Kissin’ Cousins in Albany.

To almost-senator Pat Strong: One more go?

For Rob Reynolds: D-2 scholarship offers.

For Katie Reynolds: Her grandfather’s jump shot.

For Joe Maloney: His best shot.

For Paul O’Neil: A statue on the front lawn of 1818.

For Ed Ford: 101 and counting.

For Tony Adamis: A spot on the Times editorial board.

For Rich Parete: Lots of luck.

For John Perry: Buns of steel, or John Dittus’ workout routine.

For Steve Noble: $5,000 in 2020.

For Julie O’Connor: Marvelous cover pages.

Let us know in the comments below who you thought was naughty or nice this year or if you’d like Hugh to leave a present for a loved one we may have forgotten!

Merry Christmas to All!