T’was the night before Christmas

It really is! Thank God for the web, or was it Al Gore? No more waiting for the weekly to come out, or even a daily.

This year’s list will be slightly diminished, like many of us. Don’t get around much anymore. Here’s to better days:

For county exec Pat Ryan: A quick end to Covid-19 telecasts.

For Christine Hein and People’s Place: Loaves and fishes. And to all the heroes.

For Jim Quigley; Lunch with Alan Ginsberg on “the pile.”

For Rick Remsnyder: A bogey-free 67 at Lazy Swan.

For Brian Woltman: Ditto.

For Kevin Bryant: The Supremes’ debut album.

For Ann Marie Kozlark: Happy Hannukah (belated).

For Hal Sampson: A guest shot on “Survivor.”

For John Dittus: A ride on a city fire truck.

For Eve Walter: 2020’s Post-Hector Silver Medal.

For Barbara Myers: Another vintage Corvette from Santa Baby.

For Ken Ronk: Stranger bedfellows.

For Lynn Archer: Rich Gerentine’s secret stash.

For Steve Gorsline and Alan Lomita: Hot tamales.

For Jack Finch: A long-term lease on a new Toyota Avalon.

For Gloria Waslyn: (My second favorite photographer): Snap. Crackle. Pop!

For Mike Martucci: Access.

For Steve Kelley: Manna from Cuomo.

For Dietz Stadium Diner: An all-season dome.

For Amy White: Hello, gorgeous!

For Andy Kossover: Justice.

For Phil Sinagra: A promotion to bishop.

For budgeteers Burt Gulnick and John Tuey: Crystal balls.

For Dave Donaldson: A corner suite in the new Kingstonian.

For Mario Catalano: Bob Marley’s unpublished “Mongo Mon.”

For Kevin Cahill: Cool convertibles.

For Ed Ford: 103 and beyond.

For Shawangunk Journal’s Alex Shiffer and Amberly Campbell: Bottomless coffee at Rough Draft.

For Dan Torres: A signed edition of “The Prince.”

For Tobi Watson: Lunch at Sissy’s. Indoors.

For Andrew Cuomo: A smidgeon of humility.

For John Quigley: Just one Republican alderman next year.

For Bob Young and Sue Hobbs: Deals and wheels.  

For Liz Benjamin: Prime time TV.

For Gerry Benjamin: A best seller.

For Barbara Buddenhagen: Penny’s (sic) from heaven.

For Gail Bernard: Joe Marchetti’s warm seat at Deising’s.

For Marc Luksberg: A 40,000 Dow.

For Bill Forte: 76 trombones. 

For neighbors Becky and Ali: A New Year’s Eve swim party.

For Phyllis McCabe: Glorious sunsets.

For Esopus Supervisor Shannon Harris: Twinkle toes in the Hudson.

For John Milgrim: The first annual Adele Award.

For Josh Margolin: Air time.

For Col. Michael Boyd: A $629,000 neighbor.

For Elliott Auerbach: Judi in the sky. With diamonds.

For Bill Reynolds (no relation): McCartney’s original version of “Michelle.”

For elections commissioners Ashley Dittus and John Quigley: Timely returns. Like this year!

For Kingston’s common council: A retreat on Fantasy Island.

For (retiring) elections commissioner Tom Turco: Tennis anyone?

For Charlie and Sue Manfro: Florida sunshine.

For Ryan Reynolds: Sweet 3’s.

For Katie Reynolds: Slam dunks.

For John Guerin: High times behind the green door.

For March Gallagher: A stairway to the sixth floor.

For Demetrios Drakontaidis (Chop House’s fabled Jimmy the Greek): Old friends at Sunrise Bagel.

 For Judge Brian Rounds: Donnie Williams’ crib notes.

For The Donald: A gracious exit.

For Dan Barton: Birds on The Wire

For Barbara Reynolds: Hillary’s “It Takes a Village.”

For David Reynolds: A part-time job with Always Moving.

For Steve Noble: Honorary membership in the Gold Shield Society.

For Jonathan Heppner: Siss. Boom. Bah! The sound of exploding sheep.

For Jen Metzger: The license number on that Orange County bus.

For Siena pollster Don Levy: A hotline to Trump voters.

For Ward Todd: A full-house Chamber breakfast Live!

For Olive Supervisor Sylvia Rozzelle: One more term.

For Tracey Bartels: A party to call her own.

For Len Bernardo: Ditto.

For Ron Woods: A statue on Academy Green.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: Lunch with her favorite columnist.

For Kathy Nolan: Parity – plus 1 – with Parete.

For Marbletown Supervisor Rich Parete: A corner lot at Dutchess Estates.

For Heidi Haynes: Radio stardom.

For Andrea (you make me wanna) Shaut: The SPCA’s guide to herding cats.

For Michelle Hersch: Summer block parties. In person!

For Lawrence Maxwell: Giants’ playoffs.

For Msgr. Tom Petro and Kim: Catnip.

For Bob Dittus: New Yorkers, with cash.

For Donna Dittus: Co-host on “Home Improvement.”

For Antonio Delgado: Biden bids.

For Michelle Hinchey: The start of something big.

And to all, a good night.

Next Monday: Reviews and previews. Back and forth about bail reform on Me and Mario: 7-9 on WGHQ-AM 920.

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