In my business there’s an old saying that if your mother says she loves you, check it out. In other words, assume nothing.

We have a tendency, sometimes to a fault, to assume that if someone is a Democrat, they stand for this, or if a Republican, for that. Right-wingers can be expected to act a certain way, left-wingers, another. 

A recent story suggests a more nuanced approach.

In the town of Lloyd, two police officers were recently followed to their homes by unidentified parties calling themselves a surveillance squad, according to published reports. 

Ulster District Attorney David Clegg and sheriff Juan Figaroura, both progressive Democrats, soundly condemned that behavior. Me, too. One might have assumed that progressive Democrats, justice reformists for the most part but not necessarily pro-cop, might have reacted differently. But, no.

And just for context, uber-progressive, even radical George Soros, after investing massive amounts in Clegg’s run for DA last year, might have been quite surprised by Clegg’s take in this case.

Again, assume nothing.

For the record, my mother loved me. 

ETC – One of the last county Republican waterholes, Ecca Tera in Uptown Kingston, closed more than a year ago. Different businesses came and went, but now comes the worst news Republicans could have imagined. Their favorite bar, clubhouse, election night hang-out has been taken over as a campaign headquarters by, of all people, the Democrats!

It was bound to happen. For over a century the dominant party in Ulster, Republicans have been losing ground since 9/11. And nowhere was it more graphically evident than on election night 2018.  Up the street at the trendy spacious Senate Garage, upwards of 500 cheering Democrats were packed in belly-to-belly while at Ecca Tera, a handful of mournful Republicans circled the Swedish meatballs.  

Talk about political parties going in opposite directions, one marching boldly into the future, the other, an anachronism. Don’t believe it? Final registration figures due out next month are expected to show Democrats with a 20,000-enrollment advantage over Republicans. It was closer to 18,000 two years ago.

Meanwhile, Republicans are looking for a phone booth for political gatherings.  (Am I dating myself?)

For early birds (this piece hits the web at 6:01 a.m.), a program plug. The now wildly popular Me and Mario show on WGHQ-920 AM will host Siena Institute pollster Don Levy during its 8 to 9 am segment. Siena polling, which is associated with the New York Times, has become a serious player in the polling game in recent years.

Co-host Mario Catalano and I will cover some recent topics in the first one-hour segment beginning at 7 a.m. Call in at (845) 331-9255.

OVER IN DUTCHESS – As this blog is viewed world-wide, I have to cross the river now and then.

Breakfasting at the Historic Trolley Diner Sunday in Red Hook, we spotted a middle-aged woman wearing a bright red facemask that read “Praise to Jesus” and “reelect Trump.”

Assuming my role as inquiring reporter, I opined to her that one didn’t often see Jesus and Trump in the same sentence, much less on a facemask, at least not north of the Mason Dixon Line.

“I wear it to piss off liberals,” said Lori, late of northern Maine.

While not necessarily agreeing with her politics, I took an instant liking to the feisty 60-ish Mainer and her dog Charlie. People should stand up for their political beliefs.

A while later I was people-watching in Rhinebeck with my wife on one of her “brief” shopping sprees when I overheard some outdoor diners talking about “the big parade” the night before.

It seems a spontaneous Trump motorcade had broken out – in ultra-progressive Rhinebeck of all places! –  replete with honking horns, banners and MEGA hats. Alas, the caravan could only turn hard right and soon drove up its own tail, disappearing from sight.

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