Three on a match

A bit of clutter has been placed in the path of Democrat Pat Ryan in what appeared to be a clear path to the county executive’s office in the April 30 special election.

Late Monday – minutes before deadline – Conservative Jack Hayes of Gardiner filed Republican and Conservative party nominating documents for county executive with the board of elections. Shortly before Ben Gregory Trestman of Shady, a non-enrolled voter, filed to run on the Libertarian ticket, according to Republican BOE commissioner Tom Turco. Trestman’s brother Gary is chairman of the county Libertarian Party.

Hayes, a former county legislator who ran unsuccessfully for assembly four years ago against Democrat Kevin Cahill, is the county Conservative chairman. He and Trestman will need written authority from Republican and Libertarian parties to run on their lines since neither is a member of those parties.

Ryan, in a press release shortly after deadline, “welcomed” the “Conservative Boss” to the election.

Ryan, a former candidate for congress, has been endorsed and certified as the Independence party candidate.

There has been widespread dismay that Republicans, with 28,000+ enrollees, had not found anyone prior to Monday to carry their banner in the special election.

Turco offered some perspective: “If we have to have a special election,” he said, “it’s nice to have candidates.”

Bottom line: Republicans still don’t have one of their own running and Ryan remains a solid favorite to take the prize and with it, the executive suite for the rest of the year.

One thought on “Three on a match

  1. When Jack Hayes posts on his facebook page:
    “The only farting cows destroying the planet are on the View”
    He is shockingly anti-woman, and anti-environment simultaneously.

    When he post a picture of:
    “Every woman has a right to be believed…
    Unless you are raped by Bill Clinton
    Beaten by Keith Ellison
    Groped by Corey Booker, or
    Killed by Ted Kennedy”

    Hayes represents a kind of pernicious evil, that values partisan slime, over respect for all people and the planet.
    His own words speak loud and clear.


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